VARIO® Panel Bracket System

Ideal for maximizing tight cubicle workspace!

  • System especially for facilities, specifically partition walls and cubicles
  • Works with slotted rails and can be customized to fit most modern horizontal rail systems
  • Letter size
  • 10 sleeves / 20 viewing sides
  • Expands up to 60 viewing sides by adding up to two 5359-00
  • Sleeves have rugged frames for heavy use
  • Frames come in assorted colors (2 ea red, black, dark blue, green, yellow)
  • Sleeves and frames made of environmentally-friendly polypropylene
  • Includes metal panel frame, metal sleeve bracket, 10 sleeves and 10 snap-on tabs


  • 5534-00 – assorted

Replacement Sleeves: 5666-00 or any VARIO®, SHERPA® or FUNCTION sleeve

VARIO Panel Bracket system
Replacement Sleeves Assorted