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Bye-bye tape and thumbtacks!

DURAFRAME® is a contemporary self-adhering display sign with hinged magnetic front to create professional-looking signage/displays quickly and easily. Bid farewell to tape, thumbtacks, etc. DURAFRAME® offers a simple, stylish yet efficient way to organize, display and update important information.


ID/Security Badge Card Holders
A Complete Solution

DURABLE's attractive card holders are enclosed for highest protection and secure hold of ID or security card and magnetic strip. Flexible format—can be used portrait or landscape. Passes are easily removed using the thumb slot. Made of high-quality clear acryl. Available in three attachment styles - reel, lanyard and strap clip.

Badge Reel

Safety Lanyard

Strap Clip


Visual organization never looked so fabulous!

VARICOLOR® – these stylish, innovative drawer boxes with their colorful interior will support every organization system in a very refined way. Each drawer is color coded to aid document organization. The slender colored lines serve as organization and orientation aids when the drawer fronts are closed. The units are stackable and fit into all standard office cabinets and sideboards when placed side by side. Available with 5 or 10 drawers.


SHERPA® Reference Systems

Award-winning, space-saving reference systems keep everyday information at your fingertips. They are available in both desk and wall units, and many expand without limits. So as your information library grows, so does your reference system.