The office supplies manufacturer DURABLE has risen to the highest ranks among German brands and is celebrating its 90th year in operation.

DURABLE was founded in 1920 by Karl Hunke and Wilhelm Jochheim in the Westphalian city of Iserlohn. The company initially produced metal tabs, but soon other office products were added. The DURACLIP® clip file, invented 51 years ago, conquered hearts and markets both nationally and internationally, and soon it was evident DURACLIP® was here to stay.

DURABLE itself was described as having charisma—a view also held by the renowned jury of the “Deutsche Standards” (German Standards) publishing house. In 2009, the editors, together with an advisory committee of recognized brand experts, nominated DURABLE and its DURACLIP® as “Brand of the Century.”


Revolutionary: filing without punching
In 1959, a decisive year for the office supplies sector, DURABLE produced the FIRST clip folder that enabled filing without punching. The clip folder could hold together loose papers without damaging the individual sheets. This invention was so revolutionary that a special market had to be created for it. Originally described as a “folder for non-punched files with a simple, fail-safe clipping mechanism,” the folder has been known by brand name DURACLIP® since 1979. Protected by a global patent, this handy clip folder has since achieved worldwide success.


The Style of Success Defined
DURABLE, a family-owned company, remains true to its values. Here, tradition is combined with innovative strength, modern product design and top-quality workmanship. The company’s Managing Director, Horst- Werner Maier-Hunke, and his staff feel an obligation to pursue a responsible corporate policy toward the environment, end consumers, distributors, society in general and, of course, toward each other.

In 2008 the company staged a relaunch, positioning the DURABLE brand more clearly in the office products sector and in the consumer’s eyes. DURABLE was presented as a premium, upmarket brand that distinguished and differentiated itself from other suppliers by its emotional-added value.

And our tradition continues.