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These stylish, innovative drawer boxes with their colorful interior will support every organization system in a very refined way. Made of premium-quality plastics, each drawer is color coded to aid document organization. The slender colored lines serve as organization and orientation aids when the drawer fronts are closed. Available with 5 or 10 drawers. For holding letter size documents. We invite you to explore VARICOLOR by clicking anywhere in this paragraph.



Designed to work with paper inserts, INFO Signs can be updated instantly whenever tenant, faculty or staff changes occur. The broad 7-size range makes it possible to maintain an elegant, consistent system throughout a facility. They can be also be customized to comply with ADA requirements. We invite you to explore the INFO sign line by clicking anywhere in this paragraph.

  info sign
security badges  

ID/Security Pass Holders

Attractive security pass holders securely hold ID or security card and magnetic strip. The practical yet attractive designs and wide array of styles will accommodate all needs and tastes. Holders are available for both one and two cards. Flexible format that can be used portrait or landscape. DURABLE’S security pass holders are ideal for use with ID or security cards, employee or access passes and hotel room cards. We invite you to explore our security pass holders by clicking anywhere in this paragraph.


DURAFRAME® Self-adhesive Magnetic Frame

The new DURAFRAME® is a contemporary self-adhering display sign with hinged magnetic front to create professional-looking signage/displays quickly and easily. Bid farewell to tape, thumbtacks, etc. DURAFRAME® offers a simple, stylish yet efficient way to organize, display and update important information. The signs adhere to any smooth, solid, surface—simply peel, stick, done! The sturdy lens cover pulls back effortlessly, allowing for speedy insert updates. DURAFRAME® is available in three sizes. We invite you to explore our new DURAFRAME® by clicking anywhere in this paragraph.



sherpa multisleeve floor stand  

SHERPA® Multi-Sleeve Floor Display System

The SHERPA® multi-sleeve floor display system is an elegant, contemporary display system, perfect for showcasing important information. Accommodates both portrait and landscape letter size documents, with effortless rotating from one orientation to the other. We invite you to explore our SHERPA® floor system by clicking anywhere in this paragraph.